A1 - any hopes for focus bracketing?

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Re: A1 - lower end cameras????

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My thought is that focus stacking is much more awaited for the lower end series of cameras.

Why would that be? It is much used for high end macro science work? That kind of photography wants all the resolution they can get. And if the are working in the field, high frame rates and fast focus are better. I would think that the A1 should be perfect.

High quality focus stacking takes much more than just a quick in-camera solution.

The thread topic is asking about focus bracketing rather than in camera focus stacking.

If the camera can automatically adjust focus between shots that makes high quality focus stacking afterwards much more reliable and convenient.

Exactly. There is much confusion between focus bracketing and focus stacking. Focus stacking is a tool for precision high end work. This has been discussed here before but still seems to be misunderstood.

As a high end camera, Sony is off the pace here and it shouldn't be. The A1 seems to have the focus ability and the processing power required to make this a relatively easy thing for them to add.

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