I hope there will still be an a9III after the a1...

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Re: I hope there will still be an a9III after the a1...

Magnar W wrote:

Locutus001 wrote:

I'm curious about the buffer+card performance of the A1.

The A9 and A9II are great for sports because you can take 20fps for a LONG time.

I am not shure about this LONG time, since mostly pretty short bursts are taken. Eles you might shoot video. With 4K and 8K you can grab individual frames ans still have data for pretty large print.

With the A1 (uncompressed) you get 20fps but with 50mp it'll only last you for ca. 3 seconds.

Buffer: 400 jpg files and 238 RAW files, from the specifications given, but yet no info about how fast the buffer will clear.

So combined with the newer cards what does that mean for real life use? How many seconds can you take pictures for?

That's what is interesting, because 30fps and 20fps is great, especially at 50mp but sometimes you need/want to go well over 10 seconds.

I am not so sure about this claim.

I think I have read about ca. 82 raw files (uncompressed raw that is)?

I mean if you can shoot 3 seconds and it needs maybe 1-2 seconds until you are ready to shoot again (not for 3 seconds and 20fps of course, just being able to shoot some) and wait for 5-10 seconds and you're good to go again for 20fps 3 second burst that would be alright I guess.

But shooting for 3s 20fps and then waiting 30 seconds until you are good to go might be an obstacle for some sportshooting (that you don't have with the A9/II).

And I must confess it happens more often than not that I use up a lot of the 20fps action when shooting dancing or sport.

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