i7 vs i9 in a Laptop

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Re: i7 vs i9 in a Laptop

RUcrAZ wrote:


I expect to be buying a laptop, mainly for photo editing (but also for occasional video editing, on the go.) Would someone care to comment on the differences / advantages of the current crop of Intel i7 vs i9 ?

Thank you

i5/i7/i9 are marketing labels by Intel that imply higher is better, but it's still really a comparison of the actual cpu that matters.    i9 didn't exist until recently, and the i7s on laptops have normally been more like i5s on desktops.

The power draw can matter, if you're relying on battery power to do work.   If you can always plug in, then it doesn't.

More cores is better for video, but can mean slower cores for single threaded work (much of photo editing).   The max turbo speed for a core should suggest how it does for that.

And then of course you have the video display, keyboard, trackpad options for the laptop to consider.   And right, price!

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