A quick look at Orion.

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Re: A quick look at Orion.

Jeff Wahaus wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

Kazmarov wrote:

Yup - it's pricey & I too am on that learning curve - the trouble for me it seems to be three steps upward and then I slide down at least two steps worth. 🙁! My son "gifted" Topaz NR to me as a virtual present over a virtual Christmas in December. Here is the result:

Quite honestly, can't see $100's worth of difference! 🥴

I haven't found Topaz DeNoise AI to work very well in Astrophotography. It does a great job with other subjects, especially at high ISO, but it will remove faint stars as you turn up the NR levels.

and that's the last thing you want!!

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