I hope there will still be an a9III after the a1...

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Re: I hope there will still be an a9III after the a1...

Georgeee wrote:

a1 is great, full of features, but a lot of I do not need, such as all the connection ports and 8K. The current a9II $4500. There is a gap of $2000 between the 2. I hope a9III will be under $5000 and with bird eye tracking , and speed and 50mp of the a1. Finger crossed

Well, I do hope they keep the a9 line - a1 too pricey for me - though pretty much my perfect camera. Hell, even the a9 ii is too pricey for me. I only got the a9 less than a year ago cause it finally dropped to "expensive, but not too expensive"

What it mainly has that I want is the increased res at high speed, which makes me think the a9 line may not go up in res - and I would ideally want about 36mpx. Now though, I think it is going to be stuck at 24mpx, but I really hope not.

Happy with 20 fps. And if they want to keep the a1 distinctive, they likely won't give a9 the same speed, so think a9 will stick with 20 fps.

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