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Gam3r01 wrote:

So bit of a personal debate on my mind.

Ive had the RP (24-240mm) for about a year now, absolutely love the camera (coming from a rebel T6). I also purchased the RF35mm recently for indoor shooting which it does very well.

The (only) thing I miss about my rebel is the reach I got out of my 70-300mm USM lens. I could just adapt that lens to my RP but 240 vs 300mm really isnt going to do it for me, so I was considering a super telephoto for various uses, and somewhat settled on the RF 600mm. However, I recently began considering alternatives, like the SIgma 150-600mm lens (adapted EF to RF, with potentially an EF extender for funsies). The Sigma and RF 600mm lenses are priced similarly, and the focal range does sound appealing to me.

However, I have no real bearing on how well the lenses would compare in terms of IQ and focus speed on my RP. Primarily concerned about the long end of the Sigma lens. I had never really considered third party lenses. With tax season coming up I was wondering what sort of options everyone else would have on this matter?

I have used the SIgma 150-600mm contemporary lens on my Eos R , it works fine.

not yet on the R5.

I like the zooming option it doesn't pin you down at just one focal length.

Btw this is a SOOC jpeg no post ...just cropped

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