Comparison of sharpening methods for Moon images

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Coparing Sharpening & Working w/ Wavelets

DavidWright2010 wrote:

tradesmith45 wrote:

Both these programs have settings that influence results. Comparisons like this are a favorite subject on the 'net. But they are not helpful if they do not describe the settings.

I've used Wavelets features in RT5.8 and they make a large difference in results, same for Topaz. Topaz AI in auto modes applies NR in addition to sharpening. Was that used here?

We neeed to know more.


You'll notice that I showed all the modes available in Topaz - I used the recommended settings and turned on 'do additional NR'. I thought 'focus' mode did the best on this image, but it seemed a little too 'sparkly' so in PS Elements I applied 0,3 pixel Gaussian broadening, and that attenuated the 'hot' or 'sparkly' pixels.

The wavelet processing in RegiStax was one level only, settings: NR 0.20, SH 0.120, 11.6. Afterwards in PSE I did some chroma NR (10, 50 and 80 for the 3 values in the NR edit box). Then I applied 100% sharpening 0.5 px radius, and unsharp masking 10% 4 pixels.

Any more questions?

BTW, I'm hoping that someone else will describe their wavelet technique. I've seen that tutorial where they claim a great improvement with several levels of wavelet processing, and talk about how the noise can be 'trapped' in the first level. But I never saw any improvement in using more than one leve.


Thanks David for the additional background.  I recommend doing this valuable comparison a different way.  What you have done seems to use different software for both NR & sharpening (RegiStaxs & Sharpen AI) so we really can't say which caused the visible differences.  I'd either turn off NR in both and just sharpen or apply NR to all the individual images you submit to RegiStax for alignment and then  only sharpen by Wavelets & Topaz w/ no NR.

FWIW My experience working w/ wavelets in Rawtherapee (which may be completely irrlevant to working w/ RegiStax-:) showed me how hard it is to figure out optimum settings - number of frequency domains, how strong an adjustment to apply to each. Just too many variables.  BTW RT allows you to perform NR, contrast & sharpening to each of the Waves.   have tried it on mainly high ISO astro images.  In those, the idea of "trapping the noise" in the smallest wave is a joke.

Keep up the good work.

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