Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

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Re: Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

kli wrote:

Alexis Cantury wrote:

Hello everyone. My question might sound simple but I would like to know if there is any drawback from using direct light in terms of color or any other technical issue against soft boxes and umbrellas.

Just FYI, there'sa Studio and Lighting Technique Forum that lives to answer questions like this :).

I don't need any shadow on the products I'm shooting

Are you sure? Because shadows are often how you define a shape in 3D in a 2D image.

and I take them in a flat surface with more than 1 strobe light so my question goes to how does the color and or any other parameter might get affected?

There are four main factors by which our eyes judge light in an image:

  • intensity
  • direction
  • quality
  • color

Between using a modifier and not using a modifier (umbrella, softbox, etc.), the color and direction won't change. But the intensity might (some modifiers absorbs some of the light, as does bouncing). But most importantly, the quality of the light changes. A bare flash gives hard light (sharply defined shadows), while a diffused flash behind a modifier is often going to givesofter light (more diffused shadows).

I don't see any difference comparing the shoots from the direct light vs the other 2

Well, it will depend on the size of your modifiers, and how closer/far you're using them from the subject. It's the relative size of the light vs. the subject that determines how hard/soft the light gets. If you're using an 8" softbox from 10' away from a large subject, it's going to look pretty much the same as hard bare flash.

Just me, but maybe consider trying bare direct flash vs bouncing with any direct light flagged off with a BFT.

+ 1 Good summary.

Plus, the quality of the light affects how highlights and texture appears.  Even after you have somehow eliminated the shadows.


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