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Re: Depends on what and where you'll be shooting

Gam3r01 wrote:

Trent Severn wrote:

Will you be using the telephoto for general wildlife? Birding? Or something else? Will you be shooting in locations that are generally sunny, offering a lot of light to work with?

If you can answer those questions, the choice of which lens to get will become a lot clearer.

A 150-600 offers more versatility, obviously, but it's also bigger/heavier than the primes, which is a consideration if you'll be handholding most of the time.

The F11 primes are slightly more of a niche lens, and they'll be fantastic to work with, as long as you fall into that niche.

Currently, use would be primarily constrained to bright days, but that is likely to change as time goes on. Weight does not matter as much for me, half the time Im seated and I work for the Forest Service so arm strength helps out a bunch for the rest.

Do you have any insight into comparing IQ coming out of these lenses? That would probably be the biggest deciding factor given my usual shooting conditions being well lit.

In my experience the image quality from both is very similar.  The Sigma at 600mm sharpens up a bit between f/6.3 and f/8 but by f/8 it’s very sharp.  Both of them are decent lenses but at the end of the day the limitations of f/11 made me decide to pass on the RF 600.  Even so, I got lots of nice photos with it during my rental.  I think if I had an R5 or R6 I might have been more inclined to keep it given the improved high iso performance.

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