I need a cheap Nikon for Zoom

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Re: I need a cheap Nikon for Zoom

ovrebekk wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

I've been using my Z50 for Zoom, via SparkOCam. Works great BUT it's too much of a hassle. I have to mount it on a tripod, plug in USB, remove the memory card (because that gives SparkOCam trouble). And I drain the battery, because there's no AC adaptor for the Z50.

Worst of all, SparkOCam takes it out of Raw mode, and I never remember to switch it back. BIG PROBLEM.

This!! So much this!!

Twice now I have come back after an outing just to realize I shot all my pictures in TIFF mode

SparkoCam support tells me they do this so it's ready for you to shoot a still via SparkOCam. It's not a bug to them.

It puts my Z50 into JPG mode. The first time this happened I came home with some great bird shots in JPG SMALL.  Yes. Small.

I've already lost 2 photo outings because of this helpful feature. Because of this, I can't recommend SparkOCam to serious photographers.

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