Nikon global shutter - coming soon?

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Another visual...

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Did not know about global shutter till I got my Z6ii and later the inherent problems with line by line mode.

Read that Nikon has a patent on global shutter some years ago but nothing in production yet.

A Nikon global shutter camera on the horizon?

For those of us trying to keep up with the latest technology, please explain what a global shutter is (or provide a link).

Slo-mo guys video on rolling and global shutter

Demonstrates a rolling shutter very well on a dslr (same idea on mirrorless, just without that weird flappy thing in front of the shutter). He talks about what a global shutter is at about the 4-minute mark. Basically a rolling shutter exposes the sensor in parts (from top to bottom) over time, whereas a global shutter exposes the whole sensor at once (no top to bottom travel) over time.

Another way to think about it:

Rolling shutter:

Global shutter:

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