Nikon global shutter - coming soon?

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Re: Nikon global shutter - coming soon?

Hugh Barstead wrote:

Global CMOS shutter will remove the mechanical shutter in the same way Mirrorless removed the mirror box.

Electronic stabilization will remove the need for IBIS.

Next, AI will remove the need for any controls.

Finally adaptive fresnel technology will replace your glass with a thin flat panel.

The camera of the future might resemble a business card. Hopefully we’ll still be allowed to point it at things.

After a decade or those business card sized cameras, future truly arrives when there is no need for a camera, but let AI recreate the scenes by directly stimulating your brains to give you the senses of seeing the scene/portraits.

Obviously, we would then be arguing how the Sony Sensory tech is really not representing reality good enough and ways to improve. I think by then we would simply be upgrading our brains instead.

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