How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

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Re: How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

Andy01 wrote:

an_also wrote:

Would it be worth it so spend a few hundred more dollars to get the V2 of this lens? Doesn't seem like much of an upgrade so I'm curious to see if its still just a better value to get the V1.

What do you guys think?

It is my understanding that it was mostly the earlier copies (first "few" years after the 2005 release) that were affected.

My original 24-105L was bought in 2012 and I sold it in perfect condition in 2018 - it was my primary lens for those years. I had no problems with it.

I bought a 24-105L ii at a very good price, and before I sold the original I did some fairly extensive testing on a tripod with the suburban street scene at various focal lengths and all apertures.

In summary, after lots of pixel peeping, I found that I preferred the shot form the Mk ii in about 60% of cases, so it was marginally better than my Mk i. Some additional thoughts on the "upgrade";

  • Mk ii is less prone to flare
  • Mk ii has noticably better IS
  • Mk ii has a zoom lock switch which could be significantly if you walk around a lot with it - the Mk i was very prone to bad zoom creep and had no switch
  • Mk ii has a nicer hood with locking button
  • Mk ii seems to have marginally faster AF, but not significant
  • Mk ii is both larger and heavier
  • Mk ii is significantly more costly (new) than a used Mk i

On the whole, I have no regrets getting a Mk ii, but I would only do it if there was generous savings to be had - my changeover cost was no too big, so it was worth it. The improvements are incremental rather than substantial.

I think I would be inclined to look for a later model of Mk i (perhaps 2010 onwards) unless a very good deal on Mk ii was available.


Thanks for the breakdown. Its very helpful.

So yes, i would be doing a lot of walking/hiking with it. It would be my secondary camera/lens on my 6D next to my main rig which would have my 400DO ii + 5d4 when i'm out on wildlife searching outings. I'm basically looking for general purpose lens to use when I'm not shooting telephoto wilidlife ( So i'll be shooting wide angle to 100 mm wildlife if I'm lucky, landscapes along the way, misc stuff etc.)

As for the prices, I'm seeing a $200-$300 (Canadian) in the price difference in the local classifieds between the V1 and V2. At that price I might just be inclined to jump up into the V2 with all of the benefits you mentioned.

In your pixel peeping, was the sharpness pretty equal?

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