Excited about Fuji's forthcoming lenses

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Re: Excited about Fuji's forthcoming lenses

jonathanblanchflower wrote:

holashobby wrote:

Leaving the camera releases aside for the moment, I am very excited about the Fuji's forthcoming lens releases, I am very keen on the

  • 70-300 f4-5.6: Considerably smaller than the 100-400 and takes teleconverters, what's not to like. With a 1.4x teleconverter I am only at 5.6 at the wide end.
  • 27 f2.8 MKII: The aperture ring brings some welcome operational consistency to the XF line-up, with this I can carry around a fully weather resistant camera system without suffering stressing when there are light rain showers.
  • 18 f1.4: Smaller than the 16f1.4, the additional stop of light over the 18f2 is appreciated.

I am looking forward to all three!

have pictures or specifications been released of 18 1.4? how do you know it's smaller than 16?

Here is a link to an old thread with images of the 18f1.4 and the 16f1.4.

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