Question about pixel shift...

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Question about pixel shift...

Every time I've seen pixel shift technology mentioned, the very next sentence has to remind me that it's not good with (or won't work with) scenes in which 'anything' is moving.

Well, I've heard the same thing said about shooting bracketed sets for HDR, but I find that to be completely false. In fact many (most ?) of my HDR processed shots have something moving.... often water, but sometimes even birds in a sunset sky. Okay granted, Aurora does have an anti ghosting function, but most of the time, I don't even need to use it.

Anyway, just as an example, say you shoot a waterfall using a camera with pixel shift....

Will it not even take the shot, and instead give you an error message ?

OR, will the water looks so terrible, it can't be fixed in editing ?

OR, will the rest of the shot benefit from fantastic detail, and the water still be soft, but with some detail (I prefer about 1/6th to 1/20th of a second for most waterfalls)

I wouldn't expect the moving water to benefit from pixel shift, but will it hurt it so bad you can't use it ?

Thank you.
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