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Re: Flash unit for 6D II

apersson850 wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

And being a native Canon flash you can just expect that it will work with no fuss, and be compatible with future bodies for a long time.

That's a good point. Canon's flashes are not very cost effective, compared to some third party solutions, but they do tend to work well with Canon's cameras.

That is true, but when the Godox products are ¼ of the price, you could afford to either dump them or sell them off cheap if they don't work well after a camera body upgrade.

So far Godox seems to be quite good at issuing firmware upgrades to maintain compatibility for new Canon bodies.

I had a original Canon 430 EX bought in 2008 (when I had a 450D), and while it did work with my 70D (2014), M5 (2016) & 6D ii (2017), there was some functions that did not work, so it was not 100% compatible. It was also not listed as a compatible flash (for these bodies) on the Canon website. I sold it in 2020 after buying a Godox TT685-C + X2T-C trigger, and all functions on the Godox work as intended with my 6D ii.


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