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Re: M6 to M6ii

Aussie Coop wrote:

Can anyone that has upgraded tell me how they like the new grip ( I read it was deeper ) and if the new back button AF button feels easier to use than on the original

Certainly (upgraded just recently)

The deeper grip as well as slightly more chunky AE-lock/AF-selection section helps a lot, so the camera appears to fit hand in a much more stable and secure manner (larger hands in my case).

I'm not sure about closes AF-button on the original M6 (have been using half-press mainly, rather than custom button config), but on the mkII (due to the mentioned grip design change), the new AF button is reasonably reachable when operating single-handed with a smaller EF lens - the closest comparison would be using (touching) the (?) zoom dial on the original M6, although in this case with a more secure grip.

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