Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

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Re: Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

I don't need any shadow on the products I'm shooting

Are you sure? Because shadows are often how you define a shape in 3D in a 2D image.

Indeed. I cut out shadows and the white background in photoshop and add in a plain color or a pattern depending on the product. That is why I am just interested in how it affect how the product looks.

and I take them in a flat surface with more than 1 strobe light so my question goes to how does the color and or any other parameter might get affected?

There are four main factors by which our eyes judge light in an image:

  • intensity
  • direction
  • quality
  • color

Between using a modifier and not using a modifier (umbrella, softbox, etc.), the color and direction won't change. But the intensity might (some modifiers absorbs some of the light, as does bouncing). But most importantly, the quality of the light changes. A bare flash gives hard light (sharply defined shadows), while a diffused flash behind a modifier is often going to givesofter light (more diffused shadows).

I don't see any difference comparing the shoots from the direct light vs the other 2

Well, it will depend on the size of your modifiers, and how closer/far you're using them from the subject. It's the relative size of the light vs. the subject that determines how hard/soft the light gets. If you're using an 8" softbox from 10' away from a large subject, it's going to look pretty much the same as hard bare flash.

I tested bare lights (not even with the beauty dish they come with) against 35" softbox and shootthrough umbrellas, both with and without the black sleeve on the back.

I have 4 godox sk400ii strobes and test with the 4 of them, because like I said, I want the product looking with plain light so I pointed each of them so every part is lighted up.

After compensating for the dim of the modifiers, to test if the colors look the same, I didn't find any difference, except maybe a bit more light or dark depending on if I nailed exactly the exposure.

I understand that some or most of the things I said might be amateur, but I well, I try to learn by doing and I this forum is quite good.

So what I mean is, if I cut out the shadows, increase the power on the strobes, does it make a difference when using 4 55" octoboxes quite close to the subject? I know it's not a typical setup but it is the answer that would help me the most.

I appreciate your time and the thoughtful explanation.

Hope I made sense and looking forward to the answer of what I asked here, if you have the time.

Cheers to you.

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