Why is my canon m50 never able to take good pictures indoors

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Re: My suggestion is to get an EL 100 flash

ThrillaMozilla wrote:

SteveinLouisville wrote:

I always bounce the flash, since direct flash (to me) never looks good.

Just curious. What do you do if the ceiling is colored?

For the most part, the ceilings I bounce off are not dark, but not exactly white either. They (the ceilings) are usually partially obstructed by ceiling fans.

I shoot in RAW, and when I open the photo, I color correct it using the eyedropper on something white in the photo, like, say, the dog's white fur. If there isn't anything white, I try the eyedropper on a neutral tone. The other option is select AWB (White priority).

Of the three methods, the eyedropper on something white works the best. The AWB implementation in the RP is quite accurate, however. Even as a default setting either AWB (ambient priority) or AWB (white priority) is quite acceptable. Flash coverage with the EL-100 seems to be best with a zoom, at around 60-100mm. Nice, even shadowless lighting, like the photo of the two dogs taken at 55mm with an EF-S 55-250 IS zoom. I shot the dogs in Tv mode, 1/20 of a second because I wanted to balance the exposure as much as possible. I relied on IS to keep everything sharp.

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