Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

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Re: Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

Dave_J_E wrote:

Hi Alexis

The reflector material and the diffusing materials used in the softbox/umbrella could have an effect on the color of the light hitting the subject. A recent test I did with a white balance card showed a slight change in Color Temp (CCT actually) and a more significant change in Tint, comparing a Godox TT685 speedlight by itself, with an Octogonal Softbox, and through a translucent umbrella. Numbers (temp/tint) were 5743/2.9, 5744/4.3 and 5657/3.1.

I have a 55" godox octobox and several 35" as well as a couple of 35 shoot throughs umbrellas both with dark background and without.

I have sk400ii godox strobes x4. I bought all my equipment in a short period of time because the prices were extremely convenient and a couple months laters due to import taxes they went almost double here. So that is why I have this set up.

I tested and did not notice a different other than maybe not getting the exact same intensity with than without modifiers once I compensated. But the results were quite similar.

This shouldn't be a problem if you shoot raw and use a test shot with a white balance card so you can adjust White balance in post.

Indeed I take pictures both in raw and jpg+ so your answer was quite helpful.

I just wanted to ask to be on the safe side because I have to make a gallery so it's not just for show in a catalog. And if I can edit the difference later in photoshop it helps me get on with it knowing I can fix it.

My point is not using a modifier only because I bought them. I will make good use of them in other works, but on this one I don't need shadows as I cut out them in photoshop along with the background to add a plain color or another pattern to the photos.

Thank you for the time and any other tips are welcomed.


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