Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

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Some best practices

What a train wreck. Somewhat predictable, but ugly just the same. Here are a few suggestions to avoid messes like this in the future. Maybe other people will add to them.

We'll start with the USPS.

Create an account at (it's free) for shipping and tracking packages. Use that account to create your shipping label. You'll need a scale that can weigh to the nearest ounce. You can buy your own or use the public one at the post office.

When you create the label at, it will automatically check to verify the address is a deliverable address. (The post office should have done this also, but who knows why it didn't happen.) You can choose your service there, Priority Mail or Express Mail, and choose all of your own options, including insurance. Insure the package for what it's worth. Most important, choose the SIGNATURE REQUIRED for delivery option. I think it costs $3.20 and it guarantees the recipient SIGNED for the package, not just that it was left on someone's porch.

You can pay for the shipping label with PayPal and print it yourself. Tape it to the box and drop it off at the post office. You can track the package with confidence you have insurance to cover anything short of the recipient signing for the delivery of the package.

Let's move on to PayPal.

PayPal works best when it is connected to your account at a real bank. All other use cases are problematic. Millions of people are trying to scam PayPal every day using fake accounts, fake IDs, fake addresses, and so on. Essentially, PayPal can't trust users who they can't verify who they are and where they live, so those users operate with many restrictions.

When you connect your PayPal account to a real account at a real bank, some verification happens behind the scenes and PayPal will work in a much more seamless, friendly manner. You can make a PayPal payment with no money in your PayPal account and designate it to be pulled from your actual bank account. You can electronically transfer money back and forth between the two. Holding periods for money in your PayPal account are much shorter or non-existent when it's connected to a real account.

If you don't have a real bank account, PayPal will treat you like a potential scammer because that's how scammers operate.

About the PayPal customer service scammer.

I don't want to make you feel worse than you already do, but if you even got as far as downloading an app to allow someone to take control of your phone (or computer) without recognizing an obvious scam, you probably shouldn't trust yourself to make online transactions. DELETE whatever app you downloaded and check your accounts to make sure money isn't missing. The scammer was attempting to go through your own phone to connect to your accounts to send money to the scammer. This is an extremely common scam, often associated with Microsoft "help desk" and many others.

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