How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

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Re: How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

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Thanks for all the replies.

Do you guys think canon will service this problem on this lens for a while? I know at some point canon stops servicing older lenses.

Heard different dates. Some say ten years in USA with Canon USA.

But I have heard others having equipment serviced that was much older.

There are third party shops that will work on them regardless of manufacturing date as they have or can locate replacement parts. Some even will rebuild ISM motors.

At one time, one job I did had responsibility for end-of-life of car parts for a motor manufacturer. Here, we had a statutory duty for some types of part, but fundamentally, if a part was still selling and was profitable, we would keep it on sale indefinitely. If not, at some point, we would have to predict what sales would be until we could discontinue having the part available, and have what we called an all-time buy from one last production tun, It was a case of looking at sales trends, and guessing. And I'm assuming somebody will be doing the same thing with ribbon cables for Canon, too. Canon are generally pretty good at fixing anything they have spares for - once they're gone, though, that's it.

yes. I remember now that there are federal statutes primarily under the general FTC headings that require manufacturers to produce and make spare parts for 10 years after that particular model [NOT THE ACTUAL LENS or car] is sold.

The lens could be 5 to 25 years old, but if they sold the last one of that particular model 5 years ago, they are required to be able to supply new  OEM repair  parts for another 5 years or in some cases,  generic parts of equal quality or in some cases, if parts are no longer available, provide as a  replacement, new product of equal quality and value.

After that date, they are not required to keep providing new repair parts or support.

Law applies to many types of goods sold commercially by any manufacturer.

Hence,  there may come out sometime  later, a version ii or iii, that some wonder why because not much changed. Now you know why.

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