Using RAW Images in Apple's Photos Software

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Re: Using RAW Images in Apple's Photos Software

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So sorry - I cannot assist as your description of "My Mac is an older one from 2011" is a bit fuzzy.

It could be a fully loaded MacPro or a modest Mac Mini - you really haven't given enough info - help us to help you...

Hope someone else can assist


It is an IMAC mid-2011 model running HighSierra OS. Plus, I have 12mb memory.

That's pretty much the answer.

It's old, slow, and processing raw takes more effort than a JPEG. Those Oly raws aren't particularly big, but that is particularly old software and hardware.

Probably 12GB. If the CPU is Core i5-2500S, benchmark = 3404 Passmark. Not awful.

I suggest trying RawPower, claimed to be the most efficient Raw converter for MacOS. However I think it would require upgrade to Mojave 10.14 from High Sierra.

Looking at Geekbench it's not a million miles off my old iMac Late 2013 27" (i5).

Most photo apps have run fairly well on this one, albeit some things are probably sluggish now, but it can manage my Nikon D5300 14-bit Raws (up to 29MB each) without any delay. I'd have thought that slightly older model would only be a little slower.

FWIW, I used to edit Raws on a PowerMac G5, which was also fine, as was a 2007 MacBook and a 2009 Mini. All my Macs have had 16GB of RAM though.

I wouldn't expect it to be as bad as locking up if the apps run at all, just slower than a newer machine (as long as the apps will run of course).

Perhaps see if you have other issues. I did have a few problems a while back (three or four years perhaps) with Finder and various apps locking up, and crashing, which turned out to be dying external hard drives. The system will try to work around any bad sectors, and it can cause awful freezes while it attempts to sort them.

I replaced the hard drives, and installed DriveDX to keep an eye on the SMART data, which has detected a few more pending failures since, and so far I've not seen the same issues again.

It's also worth checking any USB cables, hubs and devices, and drive enclosures etc.

But yeah, Raw Power is a good thing to get anyway, as is FastRawViewer for initial culling and tagging etc.

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