Nikon global shutter - coming soon?

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Re: Nikon global shutter - coming soon?

spec68 wrote:

It’s coming to pro cameras soon. Maybe today - Sony has a big announcement at 10 regarding a new Alpha camera, likely A9 III. Canon is said to be working on a new pro mirrorless that will sit above the R5. And, of course Nikon with the rumored Z9 (not specifically global) but it will have to keep pace w/ competition if the competition releases global shutter bodies.

Not any time soon for full-frame sensors that are in a 4-digit price range (USD). The new $6500 Sony announcement (a1) is still a rolling shutter, as was the a9.

If you want a global shutter soon (within the next few years), it'll be in a smaller-sensor camera first.  The typical rollout for sensor technology follows the following pattern (in order):

  • First, smaller-than-1"
  • Then, (a few years later), ~1" 
  • Then (a few years later) high-end "halo" full-frame
  • Finally, (a few years later) the various low-cost models (APS-C, lower-end full-frame, etc.)

This was also the pattern followed for BSI, stacked sensors, etc., including the stacked sensors found in Sony's latest cameras, which have been in smaller-than-1" cameras for around a decade now.

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