Comparing leaf shutters and HSS. A demonstration of simple facts.

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Re: New FP shutter design?

Canadianguy wrote:

Paul wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Sony just announced their new flagship Alpha 1 body...won't bore people with a competitor's specs but from the specs - its ground breaking.

But of interest to the FP vs LS discussion - it has a new FP shutter design that flash sync at 1/400 in 35mm mode.

1/500 in APSC mode!

MF is a bigger opening so maybe it would get to 1/250 or 1/320 if that design was scaled up in a Fujifilm 44x33 sensor?

saw that as well, what I think is even more interesting is eshutter flash sync of 1/200 the read out time of this sensor is obviously pretty crazy!

squeezing an extra 2/3 of a stopp out of the shutter is great, it won't really change the world, not sure why anyone would want to shoot APSC with this camera, but we are heading towards (more or less) global shutter....

this new Sony looks pretty perfect btw....50 mix, 15 stops DR, crazy speed and AF...hard to find anything wrong.....

If only Sony IC scaled up that stacked sensor design to 44x33 ... faster output with high resolution ...

I was all set for the GFX 100S - now I am not 100 MP in for 50 MP with faster operational speed, better AF but lower picture quality ... hard choice.

I am one of the few Hasselblad guys here, I chose the GFX over X1DII first, but the advantages of my Sonys made up for the slightly better IQ....the difference wasn't drastic enough to justify the hassle.....I do feel the Hasselblad IQ makes the hassle worthwhile...

I am aware of the technical advantages of 100 vs 50 mpix, I don't ever look at my files and wish they were bigger, sharper or more detailed or have fewer artifacts.....

I do think the step up from 50 mix is the (larger) phase 150 back, those files are great, the back is expensive and I really do not need it and do not want the hassle that comes with that.....

I obviously haven't seen the A1 files, I do prefer 3x4 format but I am pretty sure these files will be incredible....15 stops DR is no joke...and the AF is supposed to be faster then A9II? seriously?

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