Fuji X-E4: An (otherwise) great pocket camera, but is it for you ?

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Fuji X-E4: An (otherwise) great pocket camera, but is it for you ?

In terms of pocketable options, we know there is the X100 series but it cannot really accept different lenses, other than the screw-in adapters. There is also the X-## series, almost as small and with the big advantage of a flash. We also have the LX100 series. But at 41mm FF equivalent, it allows about a stop less light, maybe 1.5 stops given the updated Fuji sensor. On the other hand, it has about 2 stops OIS, so there is that if you shoot static subjects. Last but not least, we have the phones which, at daylight, do a pretty good job nowadays. Not so much with more interesting, not as bright, light though or indoors, so not quite there yet (ever?), hence we can safely exclude. There could be other options from canon and sony that I won't bother as we are then talking about a Fuji replacement as opposed to addition.

So, coupled with the 27mm, the X-E4 is the smallest of all. Not a small thing to disregard. If you want grip then you can usually add one and go big with bigger lenses. I mostly handhold my X-E2 from the lens anyway, including if I have an extra grip on as I don't trust holding the camera from the grip when walking.

So, here are a few things to think about that may help your buying decision:

Do you need to have a truly pocketable camera for those casual outings when the phone won't be good enough and assuming you do not have another camera for this ?

Do you really go out often with a camera in your (jacket or shorts) pocket instead of a small bag or pouch - that can fit a slightly larger Fuji ?

Are you ok going out with just the 27mm ?

Are you willing to sacrifice Ibis, WR or other things missing in the X-E4 (keeping in mind the X-E4 is cheaper and smaller than cameras that offer such options) ?

If the answers to these questions are not definitively or 90% positive then that camera is probably not for you.

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