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Re: The glowing files from GFX

henrikbengtsson wrote:

After downloading way too many RAW files from the GFX cameras (both 50 and 100) and playing around with them in ACR, I am just blown away.

What surprises me is how easy and forgiving they are in post. They need sooo little work in order to really shine. Like...client ready! And on top of that, the lovely Fuji colors help of course.

Now, I love my trusty old Canon 5DS, also 50 Mpix. But those files need way more work.

So what is it with the GFX files? Is there a secret sauce in the RAW files? Is it the tonecurve, the colors, the bigger sensor? It's like the light loves the sensor and all tones fall in the right place no matter what.

Difficult to describe but anyone with a GFX probably knows what I mean...

IMO the 33x44 Sony sensor in both the GFX 50 and X1D cameras seems to be a very nice combination of everything we are looking for, plenty of pixels, plenty big enough, great DR and capable of great, great color.....pentax used it as well and everybody did their own tweaking....there is also something about the texture that makes the files very yourself a favor and check out the Hasselblad files as well, after owning the fuji I switched because I prefer the color and files....hasselblad seems to have been able to tweak that sensor even more but maybe that is just my opinion....

the sensor is from 2014 and still seems to hit a sweetspot....

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