What are the most interesting or oddest lenses you've used on a Nikon Df and been surprised?

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Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
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What are the most interesting or oddest lenses you've used on a Nikon Df and been surprised?

After a couple too many tins of IPA the other night, I found the next morning that I had just bid on Yahoo Auctions for a near-new Nikon Df silver and 50/1.8 kit and "won!" (double quotes).
After a few days, the camera appeared on my doorstep and my bank balance was $850 lower. Pushing aside any PBPR (Post-beer-purchaser's remorse) I decided to take the camera out for a spin a for few days last week.
To say I'm loving it to bits is an understatement. It takes me right back to my Nikon F4 but with the convenience of digital and I just want to get outside and take photos like there's no tomorrow!
I have found myself digging out all my prime lenses and a load of ancient, screw-driver AF-Ds that had lain dormant in my dehumidifier for the last few years.
And I can't believe the quality... Many of these old clunkers are pretty much useless on my D810 unless stepped way down, but on the Df with its relatively forgiving 16mp full frame sensor, they have a real chance to shine.

I have tried the following: 20 2.8D, 24 2.8D, 35 2D, 50 1.4D, 85 1.8D

Of all of those, I was most surprised by the 35 2.0D. I hadn't really thought much of it, TBH and basically just used my 28-70 2.8 for everything.
But the small(ish) body and tiny lens makes a really nice candid indoor camera and can be used at 2.0 with reasonable results in a pinch.
Low light performance is smashing and focus with 9 point continuous is spot on.
Another old lens I have used for the first time in years is the 70-210 4.5-5.6D Push Pull that I bought second hand for $50 on whim but never really used on the D90 I had at the time. It had a couple of mould spots on an inner lens so a few days ago I decided to finally disassemble it and clean it before taking it for a spin.
Amazing... So compact and easy to use with surprisingly good contrast even wide open so long as you don't let too much back lighting get in. Took some photos of my friends' kid in the park and they turned out far better than I was expecting. Focussing was really fast with very little jitter and locked on accurately pretty much every time.
I just found myself having such a lot of fun with this Df and those old lenses.
So I'm wondering what lenses you've tried on your Df and how much fun you've had... I might have to get back on Yahoo Auctions and pick up some more second hand glass.

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