Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

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Re: Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

Kaj E wrote:

IanYorke wrote:

Kaj E wrote:

Interesting. What version of DXO-Photolab was this and were you assigning an ICC profile during export? I normally use C1 but don't see this behaviour with DXO and also where are "realistic colours" in DXO?


Installed my version of DxO PL to be able to answer your question. It is DxO PL 2.

When I edit a Raw image it photoshop and export it to disk it seems to do the "realistic colors" thing. Compared to file>Export for ICC profile... and select "export as realistic colorrendering" it gives the same result. It seems the images are exported in Adobe RGB and there is no indication of what color space the raw and the corresponding histogram is displayed in (it is not a Raw histogram, which you get if you export as linear Raw).

In the preferences I could not find any place where I could set the working color space or the color space for the exported file.

DxO seems to be aimed at people who want the editing to be simplified "automatic" and not be bothered by color management.

Sorry, I am even more confused now

Are you using DXO-Photolab as the options you mention I am not aware of?

Here is the export dialogue box for DXO Photolab, you can select the relevant ICC profile:


Ok, where do you set the working color space?

Each raw converter program uses its own internal colour space. I don't set a colour space in Light Room or Capture One they each do their own thing. Colour space is set on export.

Are you thinking of the default colour rendering used when a raw file is first opened, where sometimes you can choose "landscape", Portrait", linear etc? This controls the initial saturation and tone curve that is applied to the image as it opens.


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