Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

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Re: Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

Ernie Misner wrote:

I thought DxO worked in AdobeRGB, no? If so, and then it is getting converted to sRGB in PS that would explain the clipped blacks.


When I export it with the AdobeRGB profile, the clipping of shadows disappears:

As my Canon R6 is set to sRGB, exporting from DxO using Original ICC profile means it is displayed in AdobeRGB in Dxo, but converted to sRGB when exporting to JPG.

What should be my workflow when I want sRGB jpg at the end? DxO works in AdobeRGB and this can't be changed. Should I set the camera to AdobeRGB as well? Then only the final export would be converted to sRGB, although with the clipping of shadows (that I don't like...)

Now I realize that I don't know if sRGB/AdobeRGB applies also to RAW files or only JPGs from the camera? I shoot in RAW.

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