How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

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Re: How common is ‘Error 1’ on 24-105 v1 lenses?

I have been told by two different repair companies that on zoom lenses the most common failure is the cable as it must flex as the lens is zoomed in and out.

Like anything, be it a spring or cable, constant flexing sooner or later will cause cracks that will interfere with passage of the signal, hence the cable does not usually break into separate parts with the parts left dangling, before problems occur.

Visual inspection of the cable may not show problems and it requires testing with current.

When I asked about how many years, the answer was that it depended on the amount of use, temperature and type of lens, so anywhere from 5 to 25 plus years, depending.

Paradoxically in my mind, the smaller the diameter of the lens and the shorter is the zoom lenght, the more likely the failure over a shorter time period (or so i was told) compared to large lens with long barrel movement.

I am surprised about your expenses being high. The cables are relatively cheap.

When my 24-70mm canon ef crashed, the zoom barrel and other parts had to be replaced along with adjustments made.

For the cost of the cable (something like $5.00 back then) they replaced the cable although it had no problems, done simply to add more years to the life expantacy over the prior existing cable before replacment became necessary.

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