Why is my canon m50 never able to take good pictures indoors

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Re: Why is my canon m50 never able to take good pictures indoors

Thanu wrote:

Hello. I am a new photographer and desperately looking for help.

I work at a veterinary clinic and I need to take pictures for our website gallery, social media etc.

I have the kit lens at the moment, but I am ready to spend a little to get another lens. (again looking for recommendations as I do not know much about lenses)

The kit lens isn't the lens you need for indoor shooting. I'd recommend theEF-m 22mm f/2 STM or the ef-m 32mm  f/1.4 STM both are good but the 32mm is the sharpest EF-M lens made by Canon for the M series and it lets in a lot more light. The 32mm is significantly more expensive but if you can afford it it's the best fast M lens.

Also I'd strongly suggest you pick up a TTL (M50) compatible flash. I use this flash the TT 350C for my M50 and the M6 MKII. It's a very capable flash and not only will it provide light but it will also freeze motion. There are many training video on the use of this flash on camera indoors on YouTube.

Obviously, vet clinic means indoors, and pets move all the time. Therefore I cannot afford to go below 200 shutter speed for dogs.

At this shutter speed, even if the room has okay lighting, I get blurry pictures always.

It could be your technique or the shutter speed is to low.

ISO is usually above 800

The M50 will easily handle 800 ISO and give you very good photos (see the photo below done captured indoors with the M50 and the EFS 40mm f/2.8.

I'd suggest that you use the camera in TV (shutter priority) mode.

Canon M50 with the ef-s 40mm @ f/2.8 mounted with adapter. Indoors in a gym with very low and poor lighting.

And f, at the minimum available 3.5

Now, sometimes the camera captures faces of staff who are standing beside animals sharply, but the faces of the animals are blurry or out of focus.

Check you have selected the appropriate metering mode (evaluative usually) and the proper AF Method.

What am I doing wrong? Please help

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