Why is my canon m50 never able to take good pictures indoors

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Re: Focus point selection?

Klaus dk wrote:

Apart from the other suggestions which are relevant, I noticed that you write that persons in your pictures could sometimes be sharp. This led me to ask, how you use focus points?

AF will not always be able to figure out what you want in focus, so carefully selecting your focus method and focus point might help you achieve better pictures.

Klaus made a very good point. A lot of modern cameras now recognize human faces and automatically focus on them. (I've heard some recognize pet faces too now)


If you are shooting in a fully automatic mode, the camera's fuzzy logic may be prioritizing the focus of the human face.

One good option would be to: Set your camera to 'S' (Shutter Priority) mode and set your shutter speed to 200. It will open the lens aperture wide, then raise the sensitivity until 1/200 sec. can give a good exposure. The resulting image will have more noise, (grainy) but will at least be sharp from a motion blur point of view.

Another option: Take them outside for the pic, assuming daylight is available, and you won't have the noise issue.

Another option: If your camera has a mode to recognize and autofocus on pet faces, use that, and if the owner is blurred, too bad! If they BOTH need to be in focus, you'll need to use a smaller aperture or set up the shot so that both the pet and owner are the same distance from you. (side-by-side, instead of one in front of the other)

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