Thinking about upgrading to the A77 ii from the A77, but...

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Re: Thinking about upgrading to the A77 ii from the A77, but...

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The A-68 is a better camera in most respects. Thus, I think you'd find the A-77II to be a significant improvement over the A-77. I wish Sony hadn't discontinued these (A-68 and A-77II). I'd still buy another A-68 if one was available.

Hi Ed - I just checked Sony's (USA) site, and the A68 and A77ii models are still current models and can be bought there. I also
Sony Interchangeable Lens Cameras

If you actually select an A68 or A77ii there, and click through the links, you'll find that the only available configuration is an A77ii w/Sony 16-50 at Crutchfield for $1798. All configurations listed on the Sony site for the A68 unfortunately lead nowhere.

Sorry - I didn’t bother to check that far. Looks like Sony really is slowly killing off the A-mount. I wonder how long the A99 will be around for. At any rate, I can see now why people are moving away from Sony. If only Sony could make an FE-mount camera look like a real DSLR. Se la vie...

As a previous owner of both A77 & A77II, I will say that the upgrade is worth it  (except for GPS). AF, DR and overall IQ is better. However, I would advice against trading in for a new A77II, try finding a mint one in the secondhand market.

For the price of a new one, you could get a brand new A7III, in which case is way better than A77II. I still prefer the ergonomics and handling of the A77II over any E-mount camera, but that is the trade off for getting a highly superior camera. I pulled the trigger on an A7III with a great price and oh my, what an upgrade.

Again, look for a used A77II that will be cheaper. Invest in E-mount if your budget is around 1800$

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