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Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Lbs26 wrote:

So...after calibrating my display with Xrite i1,i noticed that my photos look more dark and contrasty in Facebook,Instagram and other Smartphone devices etc. except in Photoshop...i know many many great famous Photographers who upload daily photos to Facebook and Instagram etc. and i just wanna know how they deal with this issues.

This is likely not a display calibration problem, but probably has something to do with color management.

So you do the display calibration, and then you load the generated profile into your computer operating system? Both Windows and Mac have places in the system settings where the profile is installed.

Then when you edit an image, you save it with an sRGB profile embedded in it?

Is your image editor color managed? What do you use, and what version?

Is your web browser color managed? What do you use? Is color management actually turned on?

Basically, everything in your computer that you use to view and edit images needs to be color managed, and the right color profiles need to be used in the right spots.

Yes my calibration runs perfectly fine,i am on Windows 10 64 bit

-Yes when i export my image i use sRGB and Embedded profile

-My browser i do not know if it is color managed,i use Chrome,Firefox its same situation.

-I use Photoshop and display the profile perfectly fine but outside of Photoshop everything has deep blacks crushed shadows.

-I want my images viewed by other people to look great not with crushed shadows.Before calibrating my display everything was very good looking from smartphones,other computers non calibrated devices...i guess maybe calibration is better if you print,for web social media its worse than before.

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