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ppage wrote:

Joachim B wrote:

But that still says nothing about the WB being CORRECT. It just says something about how PLEASING the result is to you.

True, but for anyone who's been doing photography for a few years, 'pleasing' and 'correct' are likely to be more closely aligned than they might be for others. And we could also get into a discussion of what 'correct' means, but life is too short.

I prefer to concentrate on a photo as a "representation", not as a "simulation".

The medium for other kinds of representation include oil paint, the words of a verbal description, the movements of a mime performance, frosting on a cake.. - and in all those cases, we are looking for a reference to the original appearance,that takes appropriate account of the medium used, and also of the audience's expectations.

Photography is just as much a selective artifice, as all these others are, whatever its promise of apparent neutrality. It's never a perfectly reliable witness in that sense.

But by the same token, it can be an expressive witness: it isn't the source reality, it is some "storytelling" ABOUT that reality; and that very separation's what makes us then CARE about such a representation; its value does not end at "correct", or "accurate".

IOW a photo is never true, but may be truthful - or else at the very least, entertaining!

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