Olympus 150-400 vs 300/4

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Olympus 150-400 vs 300/4

Here is the link to the Flickr album containing images of the same static target taken with the 300/4 and 150-400.

the 150-400 was on em1x and 300/4 was on em1m3. both were on a tripod side by side. focus was s-af. ISO, aperture, shutter speed were manual. IS was on. 3 photos with 3 second timer and 2 sec between photos were taken for each focal length. Best of the 3 was chosen.


to my eyes, the 150-400 has better resolution/sharpness across the range even wide open. I am going to repeat the test with 300/4 on em1x and 150-400 on em1m3 just to see if there's any difference. I will update later if any change.

just by the sheer number of photos, u can see how many combinations are possible with the 150-400. even with the teleconverters, the photos were crisp.

overall I am really liking this lens and serious wildlife's should certainly consider it. I would go so far as to say its viable to migrate from the other FF mirrorless options to m43, just for this lens. I know that's a big claim. Its still early days and I haven't used it much in the field yet but I recently shot flamingos with this lens in very similar setting as I had shot few years back with the canon 800/5.6 and so have a reasonable basis for comparison.  What little I have used has convinced me.

the original .jpg can be found on my google drive as below. there are also still some .orf there if anyone wants to access them


I look forward to your comments and thoughts.



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