Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

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Re: Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

petrvv wrote:

I've been using DxO PhotoLab 4 (Windows 10) to process RAW files and export to jpg. Histogram shown in DxO is different from the JPG opened in Photoshop CS5.

Histogram in DxO (blacks are not clipped):

When I export the image to JPG and open it in PS, it shows the following histogram with blacks clipped (it shows Luminance as in DxO):

It doesn't look any darker in PS compared to DxO and even the color picker shows very similar RGB values both in DxO and PS. Both DxO and PS are set to sRGB.

I thought DxO worked in AdobeRGB, no? If so, and then it is getting converted to sRGB in PS that would explain the clipped blacks.

If I convert the RAW file in ACR, the histograms in ACR and PS look the same. ACDSee shows the same clipped histogram as PS. It seems the problem is somewhere in DxO.

What could be the reason?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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