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Re: M200

shadowz wrote:

thanks for your response .

i was actually feeling attracted to the m200 , but will look at the m100 too.

yes, do have a close look!

The M100 has one button more than then M200. The M100 has a video button and a wifi button whereas the M200 only has the video button (which also moved from the top of the camera to the back, which is why with the M200 there needs to be a virtual movie button on screen).

M100 has Digic 7, M200 has Digic 8 ,which means M200 has (limited) 4K video. Limited because is is in crop mode and without fast autofocus. So in the end you will most likely also use the same HD video as with M100.

An advantage of the M200 is that is has ambience preferred auto white balance (AWB) as well as neutral AWB whereas M100 only has neutral AWB. So if you are shooting e.g under tungsten and want warm light then you need to explicitly set tungsten WB on the M100. but that is no big deal. Especially if you shoot raw+JPG so you can change after the fact (with the m100 in-camera raw redevelopment).

Finally, M200 has clean HDMI out of the box - which is needed if you like to use it as webcam or record externally. However, on the M100 you can get the same clean HDMI (plus removal of the 30 minute limit) by putting a Canon basic script on the SD card.

So all in all, I think M100 it is for me. Especially the in camera raw developer was the deciding factor (weirdly this was removed/crippled in M200). Plus that the M100 is a steal to buy - both brand new and used.  (so I suggest get the M100 instead of the M200, and with the money saved you buy the 22mm prime lens).

I think of it as a mini M6

PS: there is also porting of CHDK on the way for M100:


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