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To users of M200,

sorry if this has already been discussed earlier[I could not find any such thread upon using the search function]

Understanding that the M200 body wears a tiny retractable flash on it's shoulder ,how does it[flash] work out in actual usage indoors[ for non professional /hobbyist usage ] for informal captures of friends and family ?



I only have an M100 but I guess it works the same in the M200.

You simply open the flash, and then you take your picture. In most scene modes the flash is in "auto" mode, so the camera decides whether it will fire the flash. In the creative exposure modes (manual, aperture priority etc) you can set the flash to always fire, not fire, or auto. You can also choose whether you want to have it fire at 1st or 2nd curtain etc.

I found the flash to be very accurate. If you find that it overexposes you can also dial in some flash exposure compensation. And as others have commented, you can bounce the flash so that it generates indirect light.

In fact, I bought the M100 because it has the little flash built in - it is very handy. Personally, I don't like to carry extra speed lights with extra batteries (even tiny ones such as the Canon 90ex).

Another "must" feature for me is in-camera raw development. I am a JPG+RAW shooter, and this helps enormously to set up the JPG picture styles to your taste, and to fix the occasional white balance error (and this was the reason I went for the M100 over the M200, because M100 has proper in-camera raw redevelopment, whereas M200 only has "create assist" mode to process raws).

thanks for your response .

i was actually feeling attracted to the m200  , but will look at the m100 too.

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