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Re: RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

BirdShooter7 wrote:

I didn’t see any mention of bumpers in the lensrentals post, where are you getting this information from?

Also, what are you basing the assumption that the glass in the broken element was defective on?

I get it that you have faith in Canon and I know they are a reputable company but I personally won’t assume that there is nothing about the lens design that could make it less robust than previous models just because I want it to be true.

I know they didn't mention any shock absorbers in their tear down as I happened to read in a tech Canon description some time ago. Wish I'd saved a link but I didn't. I DO know for a FACT that lenses such as the 50mm f1.2 and 85mm f1.2 do in fact have extra measures taken so that the elements are not shocked out of place or decentered.

Personally you won't get ME to insinuate that the elements of the RF100-500 are in any way "defective" in their design. I'll maintain it may have either been a weakness from manufacture from the early batch or is an anomaly based upon the horrid handling those poor 4 measly copies out of the 1000+ that were shipped all over the place by LR got. End of my story. I'm not the least bit concerned.

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Name the gear and I've probably owned it and used it.

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