Comparison of sharpening methods for Moon images

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Re: Settings Please?

tradesmith45 wrote:

Both these programs have settings that influence results. Comparisons like this are a favorite subject on the 'net. But they are not helpful if they do not describe the settings.

I've used Wavelets features in RT5.8 and they make a large difference in results, same for Topaz. Topaz AI in auto modes applies NR in addition to sharpening. Was that used here?

We neeed to know more.


You'll notice that I showed all the modes available in Topaz - I used the recommended settings and turned on 'do additional NR'. I thought 'focus' mode did the best on this image, but it seemed a little too 'sparkly' so in PS Elements I applied 0,3 pixel Gaussian broadening, and that attenuated the 'hot' or 'sparkly' pixels.

The wavelet processing in RegiStax was one level only, settings: NR 0.20, SH 0.120,  11.6. Afterwards in PSE I did some chroma NR (10, 50 and 80 for the 3 values in the NR edit box). Then I applied 100% sharpening 0.5 px radius, and unsharp masking 10% 4 pixels.

Any more questions?

BTW, I'm hoping that someone else will describe their wavelet technique. I've seen that tutorial where they claim a great improvement with several levels of wavelet processing, and talk about how the noise can be 'trapped' in the first level. But I never saw any improvement in using more than one leve.


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