Should I sell my Nikon for Leica Q2

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Re: Should I sell my Nikon for Leica Q2

Ronaldraw wrote:

HI everybody

Since some months I have been reading about the Q2 and got very enthusiastic. Like the Fujifilm X100V its an allround camera. I like street, landscape and portrait photography and I have seen a lot of photographers made this kind of photos with the Q2.

I have the Nikon Z6 with 35mm and 85mm. I m afraid i wont use the Nikon anymore when I get the Q2. I have also Fujifilm X100V and made a lot of pics, but I want to give this camera a special place in my home because it has an emotional meaning, the camera was from my brother.

Hope to hear some suggestions cq advise

Thank you

I have had the Q2 for few a couple months. It is an amazing camera, so easy to pick up any time I head out the door. Could I live with just this camera? Yes. Would I want to? Not really.

You like portraits and an 85mm lens? Do you use that lens a lot? Would you miss it?  The Q2  can work great for environmental portraits, but if you like that  med tele perspective, the Q2 isn’t the best choice.
do you gravitate more to your 35, maybe wish it was a little wider at times, then a Q2 might be the camera for you.

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