A7RIV prevent xml files saved with videos

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Re: A7RIV prevent xml files saved with videos

Brett8883 wrote:

AlephNull wrote:

Two questions:

  • how big are these xml files?
  • how hard is it to delete them?

You might find that you can select the movie files independently, anyway.

Yes they are super small and can selected independently to be deleted but its just annoying. Say you have 50 clips you’d have to go through and select every other files to be deleted.

I was hoping there was a way to just turn this feature off so the files aren’t generated to begin with but I guess there’s not a way to do this.

I wouldn't be surprised (I don't know) if these files serve a purpose akin to the XMP (aka "sidecar") files used by Photoshop - a tiny file used to carry metadata and ancillary information that avoids the need to alter the base file. Also means it can be the same format no matter the encoding used for the base file.

BTW: if you are using a GUI file manager, click on a different column heading to sort the files by file extension (or file type, or kind), instead of by file name, and all the XML files will be grouped together, so you can make a single contiguous selection - that's a lot easier than selecting every second file.

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