Using RAW Images in Apple's Photos Software

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Re: Using RAW Images in Apple's Photos Software

Ron Outdoors wrote:

The editing of the 62mb [60.2Mp?] raw files from my Sony camera are sluggish in Photos, on a Mac Pro. Don't notice as much of an editing delay with PSE. Don't recall a lock up. Smaller files from another camera go much quicker.

Had all kinds of problems with the big files in Photos using my MacBook Air. It really struggles, especially when the photos are first transferred. And saved files sometimes get corrupted. I only use Photos with the Air when I have to, on vacation.

With DxO PhotoLab on minimal M1 Macbook Air (8GB memory 256GB storage) this ARW displayed almost instantly, and took 7 seconds to JPEG convert, or 45 seconds with Deep PRIME = 10, which isn't really needed at ISO 125, but reduces size. From DPreview A7R IV gallery.

a bit more saturated than o-o-c JPEG

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