RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

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Re: RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

Bernie r.

I tend to use my old ef 24-70mm, the one that did the nosedive that would still shoot somewhar and was repaired a number of years ago about as much as the 28-70mm. R5 gave it new life.

I think one reason is a concern that it might not be that tough, given the 100-500mm recent incidents. But the larger reason is the rf24-240mm that works from up close and wide at 24mm out to 240mm giving good to great results, plus being less likely to miss the various opportunities with the wide range.

If I were told I could only use one lens , for all use forever, it would probably be the 24-240mm since I shoot a lot of wild ducks and birds as well as up close with family and such.

But the 28-70mm is special for those special events. I would hate to be forced to choose.

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