Hasselblad x1D with 100mp, when??

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Re: Hasselblad is probably not that ignorant.

so received my sekonic meter and got some readings

flashpoint 1200 ws pack, standard reflector, distance about 7ft...

at 1/4 power 100iso, 1/1000 f 11, HSS f 2.8 1/2

that difference is pretty drastic, shutter speed 1/1000 was chosen for flash duration which is (depending on color mode) just below 1/2000 at 1/4 power

that is not the whole story though....

we can get more power at even shorter shutter speed because with HSS, flash duration does not really matter.....so we can go to 1/1 and get about 5.6 1/3 at 1/4000

of course recycle is much slower at that point and there is no color correct mode (keeping the color more constant which might not really be necessary anyway)

so HSS does eat power,

I took the readings with a modifier I would never use, considering the modifiers I do use eat at least a stop or two and I do want steady recycling, steady color and at least 1/1000 flash duration....HSS does not work for me.....

and obviously all this is with a 1200ws pack....I expect the 600pro to be similar with one stop less power.....

HSS is however definitely an option if I want to shoot wide open, at high shutter speeds....especially if I am using on camera flash (for fill?) HSS should be great....

thanks Chris to pointing me to the Sekonic, it definitely looks like a life changer to me, I have not used a light meter in ages, this comes in so handy!

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