Lightroom for M1 MacBook

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Re: Lightroom for M1 MacBook

rainydiary wrote:

Does we able acess Lightroom classic under Rosetta ?

Yes, many people have tested this on Youtube, where it is shown that some operations are faster on an M1 than on Intel, even through Rosetta. However, some things are slower, But it all seems to work.

Is Lightroom optimized for M1 was same as Lightroom use in Ipad ?

Yes, because the Mac Lightroom optimized for M1 is the same cloud based feature set like Lightroom on iPad. It is not the same exact code, but that is only a technical distinction. It is the same feature set and they will fully sync to each other. It is not the Classic feature set.

If you are asking if the iPad version runs on the Mac or vice versa, the answer is no, because it is not exactly the same code. You must use the version for your machine.

Lightroom Classic for M1 is supposed to be out this year (2021). They did not say which month...

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