LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

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Re: LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

mujana wrote:

For me it' s very important that I can work directly on files on that external HD. I do not have to import those files into any program; I use DXO PL 4 and I get to these files and work on these external files without having to import them (as a program like Lightroom wants). Sometimes these files are large (from Sony A7RIV). With my current external hard drive, that' s not a problem at all. So my external sometimes is my working disk.

Not sure what you mean there if you are referring to Lightroom Classic. There is no problem working on files on externals with Classic. All my photos are on an external. Classic deals very well with those. With Classic all “import” means is to reference the file paths, if the Add option is used there is no moving or copying of files. It leaves them where they are. If files on multiple externals are “imported” no problem, each hard drive has its own heading at the top level of the Folders panel with its own folder tree underneath.

The advantage of that is because Classic retains the file paths, it is possible to see those images in the catalog file list even if the external is not connected. If Smart Previews are used then it is also possible to edit photos on an external when the actual hard drive is not connected, using the Smart Preview as a proxy, the edits are applied to the original when the external is reconnected. Compared to using a file browser, using LRC with external drives has those definite advantages, and no disadvantages.

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