LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

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Re: LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

mujana wrote:

So, if I understand well, the only reason to buy a single platter Thunderbolt external (non ssd) drive is if you want to daisy chain? As a single drive hooked up on the Thunderbolt 3 / usb-c port of an iMac by itself, doesn’t give any speed advantages over usb(?)

I would hardly call that an advantage, since if the goal was to add more low (USB) bandwidth peripherals, there are cheaper ways to do it. Instead of buying an expensive Thunderbolt 3 dock with a hard drive built into it, you could instead buy a much cheaper USB 3 external hard drive, and also a Thunderbolt/USB dock adding more ports for expansion. If the main need is to add more Thunderbolt devices, there is no real reason to involve that slow hard drive in the path. You could just hang a cheap external hard drive off a dock.

I could see buying the LaCie Big if the Mac does not have enough ports, like if it is a MacBook Air, and you need to connect both mass storage plus external displays and external SSDs. Then the LaCie Big could be the unifying dock for all that stuff, with the 40Gb/sec of Thunderbolt bandwidth available to feed the bandwidth-hungry displays and the SSDs behind it with minimal delay. But if the primary need is for a external hard drive and you already  have all the other ports you need, it is so much cheaper to just get the external drive alone as USB.

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